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At this stage we playfully take them through educational Teachings that prepares them for the next stage.


British lighthouse at this stage of learning offers our students a broad and balanced British curriculum.


At this stage we take our students through a robust study plan junior secondary will go through checkpoint exams in preparation for IGCSE at the senior level.

Sixth Form

Our University foundation programme is designed to help students even beyond secondary level.

Welcome to British Lighthouse International

British Lighthouse is a private day and boarding school located in Anthony Village Lagos. British Lighthouse was founded in 1995 to provide education of equivalent standard to that which is obtainable in the UK.

With our team of certified of teachers willing to impact and give the students the best, we provide from the younger age a broad British based curriculum which prepares the students for both national and international exams at every given point in time.

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What We Offer

The British Lighthouse International School provides excellent education and a curriculum that prepares its pupils for the international world.

Mentoring Programme

This is an informal transmission of knowledge to help students highlights their studies through a mentor.

Special Classes

Here, we help students with slow learning ability to catch up with the aid of one on one teachings.

Certified Teachers

Our Teachers are well certified and always ready to go the extra miles with students

Conducive Classrooms

As part of our core values, we create a very conducive classrooms for all.

Creative Lessons

Learning is more fun when creativity is introduced and that we have done which gives good results all the time.


We have a standard sports club that allow students to explore and discover their talents and abilities in sports.

Teaching Your Child Some Good Manners

We specially take time to teach our students good conducts. This is in line with our vision to prepare them for the next important stage in their lives.

Our School

Welcome to our school. A place where we make our students role models to their peers and equip them thoroughly to not just fit in but stand out in the society


Building their minds with good communication and hands-on activities.


Our primary level offers the pupils a sandard preparation for secondary.


Everything needed to stand alone in and outside the country is already in place at this level.

Sixth Form

University Foundation Programme gives the international students a good background of what to expect.

Our Courses

We have line ups of carefully selected courses to help our students decision in their career path.

Computer Programming

We introduce them to core programming so they can understand the mystery behind the world's ever changing technology


As part of enhancing and giving the very best of learning opportunities to our students we offer state of the art laboratories.


Music training/teachings at British Lighthouse gives our students a broad musical skills, confidence in there abilities and expertise in their specific interest.


From soccer, swimming, Table tennis game and many more. we teach and train them to the standars of an athlete.

Many Years of Experience

Our years of experience in making the best out of every student that passed through us has giving us the honour of one of the best schools in Nigeria.

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Testimonies From Past Students

Students that experienced our teachings, trainings and mentoring sure have good things to say about our standard

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